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Kantor & Company is the brainchild and longtime dream of founder and master stylist Eileen Kantor. After 15 years in traditional salons, Eileen saw firsthand what works and what doesn't to make clients optimally happy. Rather than rent chairs to stylists, which discourages team work , Eileen has built a staff of stylists, who take as much time as needed to execute a shared vision with "our client". We say our client because we share. There are no hard feelings about clients trying out different artists in the salon.  We encourage people to try out everyones unique perspective! 




Our art is crafting hairstyles that suit our clients' hair needs and lifestyles.


We value consultation, clear and direct communication with our clientele, and flawless execution of the shared vision you discover with your stylist.

We do everything we can to ensure that when our clients walk out the door, they feel cared for, heard, and looking better than ever.



The team at Kantor & Company values compassion and kindness. We leave judgment, impatience, and the gender binary at the door. All ages are welcome at our salon. We love the variety of the Boulder community. In our salon, everyone is welcome.   

We are also passionate about using cruelty free and sustainable brands. Which is why Kantor and Company proudly carries Kevin Murphy. Not only is Kevin Murphy a Peta certified brand but as of 2020 they are rolling out recycled ocean waste plastic bottles.

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