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Teenage Students Raising Hands

Kantor & Company
ACademy and Apprenticeship program


Here are some common questions we get about our program. 

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Why/How are you the only in-salon program? 


The Kantor & Company Academy and Apprenticeship Program worked closely with Colorado school experts at the Department of Regulatory Agencies to have the school/salon program approved. For a long time the culture of styling education was kept separate from the professional salon. We look forward to being able to show the student how the professionals put together the theory in real-time on real clients. 

Do you offer barber or cosmetology training? 


Hairstylist training will cover the same hair training included in a cosmetology program. Cosmetologists also study skin and nails. We want to focus on hair as we believe it is the most important aspect of styling. Our program will cover some barber-style education. The only difference between a barber and a stylist is that a barber can do straight razor shaves and a stylist can not. One of our instructors is a licensed barber. She can show you the tricks minus the shaving. 


Where is the school located?


In the back of Kantor& Company hair salon at 949 Walnut Street suite A in beautiful historic downtown Boulder. 


What will a normal class schedule look like?

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are theory days. We will dive deep into the science and practice of hairstyling. We will learn bits of biology, chemistry, art, and business as it relates to the styling industry. 


Thursday- Sunday a student can observe and assist in the salon. They can also work on mannequin heads, friends, and family to practice techniques learned in theory class to accumulate the hours they need to take their state board license. 


What certification will I have upon graduation and what can I do with that in the working world?


A hairstylist license. This license enables a person to professionally take care of hair in the state of Colorado. A person needs this license in order to work as a stylist in any salon. 


Can I get a job at Kantor & Company upon graduation?

Any graduate of the program is welcome to audition for a job as a stylist at Kantor& Company Hair salon. Attending the Kantor & Company Academy and Apprenticeship program does not mean you will automatically be given a job but it does help a person's chances. 

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