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Our Curriculum

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Get the skills you need to build a clientele base in 55 weeks! 

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The students of Kantor& Company Academy and Apprenticeship Program will have a 3 part process to their learning. Theory, practical (Intensive Lab), and Interning at Kantor & Company Hair Salon. This 3 part educational journey will prepare our students to be exemplary hair salon employees post-graduation. 

Theory is the first part of the students learning process.  We will dive deep into theory every week for 45 weeks. The small groups of learners will discuss theory together to hash out any misconceptions about hairstyling.  A student in the program will be well versed in the basic fundamentals of hairstyling. The science, physics, and formulation of hairstyling will always be a part of our learning days together.  In addition, the students will be assigned online lectures, quizzes, and tests through Pivot Point's online learning portal. 

Next, we will utilize the theory learned in class while doing practicals in our "Intensive Hair Labs". During a lab, a future stylist will first work on mannequin heads. As the competence of the future stylist develops they will graduate to working on live models, mainly friends and family. The last part, and most important part, of their education, happens while interning on the salon floor. During the final phase, the student will have the opportunity to assist stylists with clients at Kantor & Company Hair Salon. 

We believe that this hands-on method of learning is the best way for the student to build confidence and competence in hairstyling. The students will observe and support the staff of Kantor & Company Hair salon. Their support will count towards their required hours to apply for their hairstylist license. While at the salon the student will utilize both the Pivot Point and Wella online learning platforms. There will be many opportunities to learn while in the salon. 

Our Apprenticeship style /internship hybrid learning experience is in part learned from time spent in theory and labs but also, learning by observing the in-salon experts. It is a form of supervised real-time learning. Our structured training plan will focus on mastering specific skills a salon needs to fill an entry-level hairstylist position. 


The Kantor & Company Academy and Apprenticeship Program is broken up into 4 quarters of instruction. Each quarter has a slightly different focus and they build on top of one another. By the end of the program, not only will you have the skills you need to be a fully certified hairstylist, but you will gain valuable, real-life experience in one of the best salons in Boulder!

Quarter 1:  Intro to haircutting techniques, sanitation & introduction to customer service

  • The art of shampoo blow drying 

  • Correct hand and body position when using a blow dryer, paddle/denman brushes, and round brushes

  • Proper holding and using of shears, round/flat brushes, blow dryer, and heat tools

  • Clean sectioning

  • Cutting a clean line and textured line

  • Establishing, cutting to, and maintaining a guide

  • Cutting different perimeter shapes

  • Cutting fringe and face-framing

  • Feminine and Masculine presenting cutting and styling

Quarter 2:  Haircutting techniques for medium & short hair

  • Short and medium length hair cutting techniques

  • Finding live models and practicing their skills

  • The art of correcting head shape

  • Razor cutting

Quarter 3:  Build on skills from first 2 quarters, clipper cutting, color services & color theory

  • Basics of clipper cutting

  • Correctly using clippers and guards

  • Blending from clipper cutting into shear or razor cutting

  • Have a basic understanding of color and bleach theory

  • Choosing an appropriate cutting/coloring technique for the desired look of the client.

  • The student will be taking into account how the client presents themselves to the world. Their lifestyle, body type and face shape are factors in every choice. 

Quarter 4:  Prepare for the state board exam, introduction to perming and relaxing, special occasion styling & what comes next

  • Rolling a perm

    • Knowing the chemical reaction with perming

  • Appropriately applying a chemical relaxer

    • What is the difference between and chemical relaxer and perming

  • Styling for special occasions

  • Basic braiding

  • Extensive knowledge of all state board rules and regulations for a hairstylist

  • Full understanding of all practical scenarios and steps. 

  • Ability to write a resume

  • Professional audition and interview skills

  • Complete understanding of expectations for a working assistant or entry level stylist

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