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Shift and Lift

Slight lightening of the base color with Babylights  or Air touch.  More of an overall effect when used as an all over technique.

Shine and Reflect

Shine and reflect Adding warmth to base color with a demi-permanent glossing treatment.

Soften and Cool

Shadow Root or Root Dab to ease the grow out of previous highlights. Toner with cancelling color.

Splash In The Deep End

Lowlights to deepen and richen color. Depending on circumstance may need gloss. 

Deep Dive

Full 2+ levels darker 

Grey Blend All Over Application

This service tints grey vs. covering it. Leaving the client feeling more dimensional and less matte and flat. Using demi permanent color we stain the grey vs. covering it up. Imagine that you can see where the grey hair was except it will not be “salty” looking. We recommend that the color used to blend the grey is on the warm side. Gold, caramel, copper or red base to color is optimal.

Grey Blend Using High and Lowlights

This service is best for someone wanting to add dimension to grey hair. We would use a combination of colors to “turn back the clock” 5 years vs. 10 (see grey blending all over application) or 20 years (see grey cover below). This technique can also be used to aid in the growing out of all over color. .

Grey Cover

Applying permanent color at the roots and glossing the ends of hair for full grey coverage.

Face Frame Pop Light

Sprinkle of brightness added using Balayage or highlights/babylights in foils to hairline 

3 options:

  • connected/soft 

    • weaved foils

  • soft 

    • balayage style, faded into roots

    • Teased weaved foils

  • contrasted brightness added to hairline and face framing

    • Bold balayage pieces

    • Sliced foils

$50 when added to any service*

*May need a gloss or toner depending on circumstances. Adding this to a service will require extra time for service. Please ask your stylist if they have enough time to add this service. Know that we all work as a team so, another stylist may be available to perform this add on service.


Demi Permanent Treatment that enhances and adds shine to existing hair color. $30 

Can be used as subtle grey blending. See our descriptor of grey blending and ask your stylist for more information.


Demi Permanent Treatment that is used to brighten highlights or cancel out/mute unwanted tones. $30

Color Correction

Service to correct any color that is not suited for the clients skin, lifestyle or hair. At Kantor and Company we believe Color Corrections are best handled slowly and methodically over time. This service requires a consultation with a stylist to book. Options:

  • Slow and Steady (Recommended Method)

    • Wanting a big change

    • Helps maintain integrity of the hair 

    • Works on a budget

    • Set up plan with styling team

    • Small steps to achieve new look

  • Fast and Furious

    • Single Day Large makeover type projects

    • May require large chunks of time in the salon

    • Client should be prepared for large ticket items and be understanding of process

    • 72 hour cancellation policy, 50% deposit