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We're Hiring! 


While we are highly selective in our hiring process, our culture is one of inclusion. At Kantor & Company, you will find yourself working collaboratively with a team to meet your clients' needs. This approach is based upon a shared vision for the client and for the business as a whole. Stylists must have the desire to perfect their craft under Eileen’s guidance.  


Kantor & Company is a craft salon where experienced stylists can join our team, and newly-licensed stylists may join as auxiliary.

The auxiliary model is an essential component to a craft salon. “The old model of hair salons is over," says Kantor. Instead, our consultation-based approach and apprenticeship model means that stylists have an incentive to consult, execute a client’s vision, and perfect their craft. With Kantor & Company, you will experience a unique, collaborative environment in which you can flourish.  

Under the  auxiliary model, you'll continually practice the architecture and artistry of hairstyling. By being an auxiliary, instead of an apprentice or assistant, you'll also be able to cultivate your own clientele while furthering your education.

Current Openings

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"I've been a licensed stylist for 10 years and during that time, worked for 3 salons before coming to Kantor and company. I’ve never felt truly as much of a team. Every working day I know I will be surrounded by supportive coworkers that feel more like family. The clients who come to Kantor & Company can feel it also and feel like they are truly a part of something special as well. One thing Kantor & Company also does is maintain a work and life balance. I work hard while I’m there and have fun doing it but never feel burned out at the end of my day or workweek. Coming to Kantor & Company has been an amazing experience and I can’t wait for what the future has to offer."

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