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  • Eileen Kantor

Did You Know Eileen Started a Podcast?

We all know what Eileen can do with scissors, color, and a hair dryer! We've also seen how she can create community and build a team of creative stylists around her. Now we have the opportunity to bare witness to her building a school and apprenticeship program, teaching the next generation of stylists!

But did you know that Eileen is a modern-day stoic philosopher and unique business mind? Eileen and her friend, Michael Rosenzweig started a podcast, Small Biz Happy Hour where they share insights and perspective on the ups and downs of business and life.

We're sharing our favorite episode about the style of your business. We also sat down with Eileen to ask a few questions about this new venture!

  • What drew you to starting a podcast?

Michael and I had been a part of a couple of networking groups. Whenever there was a group discussion we regularly ended up getting the group going deeper and deeper down the small business/philosophy rabbit hole. Michael had shared with me that he had always wanted to do a podcast and I jumped on the opportunity- saying something like " oh, I'd do that with you". Michael and I have the gift of gab for sure.
  • What can your clients gain from listening to the podcast?

My clients will get more of the insights into my business mind. Most of the time when I am working with clients they are telling me about their lives and we are discussing their hair and style. We don't often talk about the inner workings of my biz brain. By listening, they will get to know me better and experience how deep the river runs. 
  • Why do you think there are lots of small business owners and people with side hustles in the Boulder area? 

Boulder is a place that is booming with creativity and independence. People here think about things differently. As a Boulder person, I am proud to say that we do things our own way here! Happy to be a part of this interesting and unique community. 
  • What do you hope people will gain from listening to the podcast?

A way to organize their thoughts. Systems to develop strategies to help them make goals and attain them. A better understanding of stoic philosophy and a fresh perspective on art/business. 

Thank you for giving our podcast a listen!


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