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Wash & GO


We hear this all the time at the salon - "How long does it take to make your hair look that good?" or "Who has that much time for their hair?" The short answer is - most of us don't have that much time. The dry Colorado climate does a number on our hair and when we're filling our days with hiking, biking, skiing, concerts, and an active lifestyle, we need a hairstyle that will look good on any endeavor. 


Our Wash & Go Haircuts and Styles are made for this very Colorado lifestyle! They require minimal effort and come with a product that will ensure your hair is looking great every day!

All Wash & Go Haircuts come with one retail size (250 ml) rinse or conditioner product that is catered to your hair texture and style. 


Ona is a professional dog trainer. Ona styles her hair by waiting for it to rain or dipping it in the nearest river while on a hike. She supports her curls with Kevin Murphy Color Everlasting Wash & Rinse and Motion Lotion. Ona believes that sleeping on your hair produces the best style. Are you an Ona?

everlasting colour.jpeg


Amanda has her PhD in music, is a concert pianist, loves bright colors and fun cuts of dresses, and gets her color done twice a year with toners and hair colors in between. Amanda is into geometric shapes and fun, bright colors and sports a trendy, fun bob. On top of that, she is a busy mom on the go and has no time to style her hair.  She washes her hair with Curl Cult, shakes and scrunches with Kevin Murphy Killer Curls, and finishes with Session Spray. Are you an Amanda?

refresh curl cult.jpeg


Shelby is an entrepreneur with a skin care line (Beaux Supply Co.), mom of 2, and on the side she does wicked spray tans. Shelby gets her partial highlights done quarterly, gets her hair cut twice a year, and trims her own ends (taught be her stylist). Do you not have time to spend a lot of time at the salon? Shelby uses  Kevin Murphy Angel Wash & Rinse and Plumping Lotion to keep her curls hydrated without weighing them down. She gets the value size of Angel Wash & Rinse as it’s safe to use for her and her girls’ fine hair! Are you a Shelby?

angel wash km.jpeg


All of Levi’s power is stored in his hair. Levi loves to shred at the skate park (always with a helmet - mostly to protect his hair). Levi believes that sick lettuce (code for the hair that hangs out under your helmet or hat) is where your style starts. Levi supports his hair with Curl Cult Wash, Rinse & Detangler and combs his hair with the sustainable Kevin Murphy detangling comb, while in the shower. Levi doesn’t have time for towels, so he drip dries. Are you a Levi?

km texture comb.jpeg


Elizabeth is an osteopath, loves to sing and dance in her car with the windows down, and let’s be honest, if there’s music she’s dancing. Elizabeth has no time for her hair at all. Wash & go is her only choice for her. Elizabeth is sensitive to smells, so she uses the Wella Elements line which is neutral fragrance and paraben and sulfate free. She conditions more than she shampoos. For style, she either rolls down her window for a natural style, or flips her hair over and shakes it after a shower. Who needs a towel when you can dance dry? Are you an Elizabeth? 

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