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  • Eileen Kantor

End of Summer Hair Health: Tips from Eileen

Blonde locks and tan skin are a sure sign that you’ve had a great summer! Soaking in the sun and spending time in the pool can sure feel great, but often it can do a number on the health of your hair. By the end of summer, many blondes feel the dryness in the ends of their hair and some might even have shades of green! We are here to tell you that this can all be fixed and your hair can be restored to its soft silky goodness that you are craving.

I asked owner and master stylist, Eileen Kantor, for her expertise on hair health and post summer hair care, so we can all know how to take care of ourselves.

  • What happens to the hair when it is exposed to repeated sunshine and pool chemicals?

Eileen: The Sunshine will lighten the ends. Clients who like to keep their locks rich and dark need to cover their hair if they are planning on spending a lot of time in direct sun. Additional protection from the sun can be added by using Kevin Murphy’s Everlasting Colour Leave in Spray. It has UV protection that will help protect hair from environmental stressors.

  • What about those who love their bright blonde hair and don’t want it to turn green?

Eileen: As far as the pool chemicals go, best practice is to get the hair SOAKING wet with regular water before getting into chlorinated water. Hair cannot absorb once it is wet. Hair is porous, so when we jump into a pool with dry hair, we ask it to absorb all the chemicals.

  • What if my hair has shades of green already?

Eileen: Should you “jump in” we have Malibu swimmers shampoo and conditioner to help get the green out. Should you need deeper detox we have Malibu in salon detox treatments that start at $75.

  • What can clients do to maintain the summer glow in their hair that they love?

Eileen: As far as salon services go, nothing beats a balayage or full head of babylights to mimic what the sun can do to the hair. I firmly believe in the always summer principle of color. What is that you ask? “ Hair is cooler and darker at the root, lighter and warmer at the ends.” A client that already has highlights can either come in for a gloss or deep conditioning treatment to help seal an exposed cuticle. Personalized treatments start at $50. A client can also take a glossing kit home with them to use when they are feeling dull. Kits start at $75 and a client can get multiple glosses out of one kit. Best way to keep a summer vibe is to keep your hair healthy. Best practice is to alternate protein and moisture based products. My favorites are Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate me and Repair me lines.

**Mention this blog post and receive 20% off the Malibu hair care line or Kevin Murphy’s Everlasting and Repair line products.** If you aren’t sure what your hair needs we offer 15 min complimentary consultations to help you make a plan.

As we approach the end of summer season, now is the time to take care of your hair and your color. Whether you want the “always summer” look and need to refresh your blonde highlights, or you are looking for a fall shade, we’ve got you covered! Call us or visit online to book your next service, or pop into the salon and make your next appointment, when you pick up one of the products Eileen suggested.


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